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Thursday, June 14, 2007

SC State's Clyburn center gets $254,000 grant

The South Carolina State University James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center has been awarded a $254,000 grant from the S.C. Department of Transportation. Funds for this grant were provided by the U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. The grant provides On-The-Job Training in highway and transportation careers.

The goals and objectives are to prepare unemployed, underemployed, minorities, females and other economically disadvantaged individuals for meaningful employment opportunities in the transportation construction industry.

“These opportunities will include employment on highway and bridge construction projects, in the commercial trucking industry, and in other aspects of the transportation industry,” said Lamar Tisdale, technology transfer and training coordinator.

The program is designed to assist construction contractors in meeting the requirements of 41CFR60-4.2 and Executive Order 11246, which set forth goals and timetable for minority and female participation on construction projects.

“Construction contractors have often expressed difficulty in recruiting minorities and females for construction related jobs,” said Bill McGhee, on-the-job training coordinator. “A segment of this program is recruiting and providing pre-employment training as a mean of increasing the number of minority and female employers in the transportation industry.”

“There are three (3) components to this program,” added McGhee. “(1) Pre-employment training for highway construction workers, (2) Commercial drivers’ license training and (3) Heavy Equipment Operated Training.”

“With one in six jobs in the country being transportation related, this program will also assist in meeting the transportation challenges of the 21st Century, prepare individuals for traditional and nontraditional careers in transportation, and provide needed trainees to the construction industry,” said Tisdale.

Dr. Reinhardt Brown, interim executive director of the Clyburn University Transportation Center, and Lamar Tisdale, technology transfer and training coordinator and the grant’s principal investigator, are the administrators for the grant.


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Great blog. Make sure it makes it way up to Morgan State University sometimes.

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