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Monday, June 23, 2008

Delaware State adds three new Ph.Ds

Delaware State University will offer three new doctoral programs ---Applied Chemistry, Neuroscience and Optics--- beginning this fall. The school will also offer a new master’s degree program in Applied Optics.

All four new degree programs – all unique to the state of Delaware. The new programs will increase the university’s doctoral degrees total to five and graduate degrees to 22.

The Ph.D. Program in Applied Chemistry will focus on several areas of applied chemistry including polymer chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, and hydrogen storage.

The degree program will include course work and a required independent research project in their chosen field. There are a variety of ongoing research projects in the department in which students will be involved. A Ph.D. dissertation based on independent publishable original research must be completed and defended in an oral presentation.

Only a very few universities offer high quality Ph.D. programs in Applied Chemistry in the United States, and DSU now has the only one in Delaware.

The Ph.D. Program in Neuroscience will give DSU students an opportunity to receive a doctorate in the fast-growing and opportunity-rich area of brain research.

DSU's program will link with faculty researchers at the University of Delaware and the A.I. duPont Children’s Hospital to provide students access a broad range of research training opportunities. The 60-credit hour doctoral program will require research dissertation that must be defended.

This Ph.D. program at DSU in is the only biology-based neuroscience doctoral degree program in Delaware.

In addition to the three new Ph.D programs, DSU also already offers doctoral programs in Educational Leadership, as well as Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Mathematical Physics.


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