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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Water restored at Morris Brown, for now

A judge ordered the City of Atlanta Friday to reconnect water service that had been off since Dec. 12, but he said the Department of Watershed Management had court-approval to cut off service again if the school did not make it’s next scheduled payment of $214,000 by Feb. 17.

On January 4, the dorms open for the spring semester, which starts in less than two weeks, because the water was on.

Still, the school is facing another crucial deadline. On Tuesday, Jordan Hall, which contains classrooms and the Ruth Hall Hodges Art Gallery, is to be auctioned on the Fulton County Courthouse steps to satisfy several liens against the property by the city of Atlanta, a real estate broker and a plumbing contractor.

“The issue of the water problem is not the only problem at Morris Brown College,” said acting President Stanley J. Pritchett Sr.

Pritchett said negotiations continued with the bond holder to delay the sale to settle those liens. He said selling the property now would not reflect the true value of Jordan Hall, which sits on the edge of the Morris Brown campus.

By Saturday evening, donations of more than $47,000 for the day had been tallied. That number did not include a stack of checks still to be counted or the $10,000 four-time Olympic Gold Medal winner Angelo Taylor has promised the school he graduated from in 2006.

“It’s home,” Taylor said. “This school holds a great tradition.”

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