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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Growth is the order of the day at Albany State

Albany State University Vice-President for Fiscal Affairs Larry Wakefieldwas beamed with pride as he talked about the schools record enrollment in an address at the Albany Rotary Club.

“We’re seventh in the state among Georgia schools in retention rates and eighth out of 35 in six-year graduation rates,” Wakefield told the gathered Rotarians. “We’re quite proud of that.”

Wakefield then went into detail about the progress being made on Albany State’s master plan for expansion.

“Our new student center should open next year,” Wakefield said. “The building costs $15.8 million and will add 60,000 square feet to our dining hall.

“We recently broke ground on two new residence halls. The buildings will add 600 new beds and will be for freshmen and the other for upper classmen. The building should open by August of next year and cost $23 million.”

Wakefield said the university is especially excited about the Ray Charles Language, Performing and Visual Arts Center becoming closer to reality.

“The beauty is this is all state money,” Wakefield said. “We have $28.7 million budgeted for the building and another $1.8 million for design.”

Wakefield said that eventually all the buildings located in the lower campus’ flood plane will be replaced by new buildings on the upper campus, then razed, leaving the lower campus as an expansive greenspace.


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