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Monday, August 01, 2011

Work continues on new dinning facility at Hampton

Hampton University is completing construction on a new $25 million, 100,000 square-foot cafeteria.  The university broke ground for the new waterfront dining facility in September 2010 and expects to complete it by June 2012.   The 3-story facility will house two dining halls, one for students that will seat 1,500 and another for special University dining and entertainment events that will seat 1,150.
The building is designed to offer views of downtown Hampton through a 3-story convex glass curtain wall that will be the length of the building. The facility is surrounded by a terrace where eaters can dine outside when weather allows.

Hampton has been raising money for the new cafeteria since late 2006 and planned to break ground when reaching $25 million.  In May 2010, the University needed only $1.4 million more and a hard push was made to raise the rest by late 2010.   Officials are still encouraging alumni to donate toward the project.


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