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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Clark Atlanta band suspended for suspected hazing

Clark Atlanta University has suspended performances of the "Mighty Marching Panthers" to investigate a hazing allegation.

University leaders made the decision on Friday. 

 "Even the possibility of hazing is unacceptable under any circumstance," read a statement issued by CAU. "Therefore, an investigation will commence immediately. The University aims to be thorough, comprehensive and aggressive in its review." 

The Mays High School band will substitute during CAU's first football game of the season on Saturday. CAU will play the University of West Alabama at Panther Stadium in Atlanta.

The University released a statement:
"Clark Atlanta University today suspended performances of its “Mighty Marching Panthers” Marching Band in light of an allegation regarding the possibility of hazing within its ranks. While there is no immediate evidence of hazing or any other foul play, the University of its own volition chooses to take a thorough, comprehensive look into this serious matter.
Even the possibility of hazing is unacceptable under any circumstance. Therefore, an investigation will commence immediately. The University aims to be thorough, comprehensive and aggressive in its review.
Ideally, the allegations will prove untrue and the band can return to its planned schedule of performances as quickly as possible. However, regardless of the findings, Clark Atlanta is prepared to take whatever actions are necessary to ensure a safe, healthy, non-threatening experience for our student musicians. The integrity of our University, our band program and the honor of the musicians therein warrants no less."


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