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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hampton Students Launch Broadband Television Network

Three Hampton University students have developed an innovative online television network. The purpose of is to provide an informative and entertaining network for black college students. E-Mackqulent, LLC (EMQ), the parent company of, is co-owned and operated by Antonio Hawthorne, senior media management major from Piscataway, N.J.; Erin Z. Young, senior public relations major and marketing minor from Wilmington, Del.; and SGA president Darrian Mack, junior broadcast journalism major and marketing minor from Randallstown, Md.

EMQ is currently a new media multimedia organization that produces EMQTV, a broadband television network highlighting the black college experience.

“We are a cable channel that exists on the Internet,” said Young.

The network site,, launched in late January. Hawthorne, Mack, and Young met during the 2004-2005 academic year to develop the idea of their “immaculate” organization and chose that name for their company with a unique spelling combining all of their names.

The idea was “definitely divine intervention,” said Young. Young said the group realized that “all media companies are developing broadband media arms” and that EMQTV is the “perfect thing” to reach their target audience.

The students developed a business plan and decided to incorporate in Delaware as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Then in summer 2006 the group began to create their site. contains five components: EMQ News, Submit Your Video viral video, The College Yard social network, music, and EMQ on Campus broadband television programs. The EMQ site is ad supported and features market specific advertising. The site is geared toward black college students and alumni ages 18-35. The group is excited that their market is growing because more black students are attending college than ever before.

Young said that the site is not strictly for Historically Black College and University (HBCU) students because “the black college experience is shared no matter where you are.”

The group has focused on creating a socially conscious site by displaying positive images and encouraging alumni giving.

E-Mackqulent, LLC is not stopping with EMQTV. They have future goals of providing business consultation, establishing a “brick and mortar” cable site, and to spread their brand among all media.


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