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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuskegee to offer three new degree programs

Tuskegee University is primed to offer three new academic programs this fall after their board approved the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Public Health degree.

“The approval of these programs is in line with the president’s vision and mandate to increase enrollment,” said Dr. Luther S. Williams, Tuskegee provost.

The information technology degree will be offered in the College of Business and Information Science.

“The IT program takes advantage of the growing IT workforce needs on a national and global basis,” Williams said. “Tuskegee University will be a major producer of IT professionals, subsequently increasing the enrollment of CBIS.”

The public health programs will be offered in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health. The degree programs in public health will prepare students to face the current public health and disparity issues that disproportionately affect the rural, disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S.

Williams said most of the programs have faculty in place. Recruitment efforts have been approved to find additional instructors.

The Board also authorized approval for Tuskegee to research and develop several other programs the Master of Arts in Humanities-Bioethics; Master of Science in Psychology; Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering; Ph.D. in Veterinary Science; undergraduate degree in civil engineering; undergraduate degree in forensic science; and undergraduate degree in mass communication.


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